Spotify is a Swedish online streaming platform launched in 2008 that has about 320 million active users from 92 countries and more than 60 million songs. The platform makes it easy for independent artists to emerge and reach a wide audience from all over the world with their work, as well as promote their brand, gain popularity and even fame. Spotify allows musicians to quickly and easily share and distribute both individual songs and entire albums.

With Spotify's streaming platform, you can make your dreams and goals a reality, gain a fan base, and popularize your music in a short time. The first step you need to take if you want to promote your art or business is to create an account on Spotify and regularly add quality content, which will enable you to gain real audiences and plays.

But is that enough to be successful? Is the only way to reach a wide audience by getting real plays, which is often a laborious, strenuous and time-consuming process? Can I buy Spotify plays and is it legal? How and where can I buy Spotify plays? Will buying Spotify plays guarantee my success? These questions and many more are answered in the following text, which should clear up all your doubts.
Getting real Spotify plays is not an easy task, as the competition is high and it is hard to reach your target audience. However, many online businesses offer services such as selling real Spotify plays so that your success doesn't depend only on listeners visiting your account.
Buying Spotify plays is a common and most legitimate way to make your potential audience aware and interested in the content you offer on your Spotify account.
These plays help to expose, promote and differentiate your brand, as well as help you build an impactful and above all effective advertising and credibility campaign that will encourage users to both visit your account and actively engage and build the targeted and loyal community that your success depends on. So, if you want to make sure that after distributing your music on Spotify you will gain a lot of plays and thus popularity and a large audience, it is worth investing in legitimate streams that are offered by professional websites.

However, before buying Spotify plays, it is advisable to do a thorough research beforehand among the online streaming companies that will ensure that the plays of your songs are evenly distributed throughout the day for exposure and rapid and steady growth in popularity while not getting your account banned, blocked or deleted by offering poor quality plays.

What else is worth knowing about buying plays on Spotify? What does it really do to increase the popularity of your music? And how do you go about it? By reading the tips below, you'll learn how to take the first step on the road to success.
If you want to make sure that after uploading your tracks to the Spotify platform, they will be noticed, properly exposed and reach your potential audience, it is worth finding a reliable and trustworthy company on the Internet that sells streams from legal sources. A company that will take care of both distribution, promotion, and a steady increase in plays of your recordings uploaded to your Spotify account. Professional websites offer fast delivery of a large number of genuine plays, which will bring significant traffic to your account and enable you to reach listeners from every corner of the world. Of course, you can wait for your song to gain real listeners and fans, but this is a lengthy process and the effects are not always commensurate with the work you've done and your expectations, which is why it's worth thinking about services such as Premium Spotify or Spotify Followers, which will increase the number of monthly plays of your song significantly.

The results are usually seen very quickly, but you may not see an actual increase in the number of plays of a newly added song until a few days later. Updating stats on Spotify takes place daily between 8:00 and 9:00 EST, all plays are collected and added on a regular basis, resulting in a significant increase in the number of listeners to your songs, as well as will increase the popularity of your creation, if only by showing up in playlists or search rankings on Spotify.

What else should you know about buying plays on Spotify?
  1. Spotify plays offered by professional online companies come from legitimate sources and fully count towards royalties, i.e. as an author you have the right to benefit financially from your music (you can check the approximate amount using the "Resources Audiam" service).
  2. The expected daily delivery time of ordered online Spotify plays depends on the number of plays and on the company where the order is placed (e.g. for an order of 1,000 plays, about 400 plays will be added daily, and for an order of 1,000,000 plays, about 6,000).
  3. When you decide to purchase Spotify plays, you can take advantage of the Premium service, which allows you to individually set the size, time and price of your order.
  4. Many companies offer geographically targeted Spotify plays, which means that you can order plays of your song from multiple, different countries (in which case the plays will be processed sequentially).
  5. Spotify uses a special algorithm that helps to distinguish between plays from real accounts and bots, i.e. automatic machines artificially driving the statistics (the time spent to play the song is important here).
  6. It is important that the listener listens to the whole song and even shares it, so that it becomes popular and widespread among fans in many countries. This is only possible with the help of real users, either those you acquire yourself or those you purchase from a reliable online company.
  7. You can choose one of three basic methods to buy plays on Spotify:
    • via Spotify ads,
    • via other Ad Networks,
    • and using UseViral.
  8. It's a good idea to use professional, trusted and popular online companies such as:
    • Social Packages,
    • Media Mister,
    • Viralyft,
    • SidesMedia,
    • Social-Viral,
    • Famups.
  9. If you decide to buy Spotify plays, it's also worth thinking about buying followers so that the number of plays of your content is reflected in the number of real listeners following your Spotify account, which makes your brand credible and noteworthy (the so-called engagement rate that defines the validity of your Spotify account).
  10. Before you decide to buy real plays on Spotify, take the time to check the reputation of the company you want to use (look for real reviews and testimonials, with personal details and a photo of the reviewer, posted on the respective website); check if the company has proper security on its website (HTTPS Secure); if it has a secure payment system for its services i.e. play packs on Spotify, and if it has a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and FAQs posted on its website.
There are many online companies offering paid plays on Spotify and services such as followers, likes and comments so you have a chance to build a credible brand from the ground up. One of the most popular and affordable methods to acquire and accumulate real Spotify plays is to purchase them through UseViral, a company that will promote your creative through their contacts. UseViral offer high quality packages of Spotify plays; this service also has a refund policy and a secure online payment system.

Another method that the streaming platform Spotify offers its users is to gain plays through paid ads. This method is safe but unfortunately quite expensive, but it allows you to reach potential listeners with your music, the number of which depends on how much you pay the Spotify platform to promote your creation.

Another method by which you can gain new listeners on Spotify is influencer marketing. This method is relatively cheap and commonly used by users of the streaming platform. It is advisable to approach influencers who have a large reach and by promoting, spreading and sharing your music on their channels and social media, they will help you reach a wide audience.

The next method is other Ad Networks you can invest in to promote your music on Spotify (e.g. Outbrain, Facebook, Instagram). This method, like Spotify ads, is relatively expensive and much more challenging as it is meant to get users outside of Spotify to log into the platform and take an interest in your content.
Spotify is a streaming platform that has over 300 million active users and tens of millions of songs, so if you as an artist want to stand out from such a large competition, it is worth investing in legitimate Spotify plays and thus greatly accelerate the acquisition of real listeners, which is often a tedious and lengthy process, and does not guarantee success.

What else do paid Spotify plays give you?
  1. They boost your songs in streaming statistics, as well as in Spotify's rankings and search engine.
  2. They increase the popularity of your music that you upload to your Spotify account.
  3. Significantly increase the number of real listeners coming from selected countries such as Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, USA, Norway, UK, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, Czech Republic or France (geographic targeting).
  4. Paid plays, coming from legitimate sources, guarantee a high retention rate, i.e. your songs are played by users from beginning to end, which makes Spotify's algorithm consider them worthy of attention and interest and places them on popular pages and moves them higher and higher in Spotify's chart hierarchy.
  5. Paid plays matter more to Spotify's algorithm because in addition to the number of plays, it is the quality of the plays that matters most. It's not enough for a listener to click on your song, it's important that they listen to it from start to finish and even share it with others.
  6. Growing your profile organically on Spotify is very difficult and time-consuming, so it's worth investing in plays as they allow you to grow your profile and draw attention to your work from listeners who probably wouldn't interact with your song because they would think that with such a small number of listeners, it's not worth listening to.
  7. It's not a good idea to buy too many plays, as Spotify may consider them illegal and ban your account. It is best to start with 1000 plays.
  8. Paid openings through the appropriate quality, number and frequency guarantee that your content will increase in popularity on Spotify.
  9. With paid Spotify plays, you will gain more revenue, higher royalty rates, as well as a good reputation, status and audience network.
  10. By buying Spotify streams and plays, you can focus on what you love, which is making music, creating new songs, composing, without slowing down or worry about things that professionals can take care of.
There are many websites on the Internet offering to sell Spotify plays, but how to choose among them professionals who, offering the highest quality, fully legal services, will meet our expectations and requirements? What should we pay attention to when choosing a company from which we will buy plays of our songs on Spotify? And what should we consider when choosing the right provider?
Below you will find a brief characterization of the most popular websites selling plays on Spotify:
  1. StreamDigic (
    • StremDigic is an online platform dedicated to promoting social media like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud and Facebook through paid plays, streams, views, etc.
    • offer High-Quality Plays,
    • help artists move up the Spotify charts,
    • have competitive pricing,
    • guarantee 100% retention for 90 days on every Spotify play pack,
    • fast delivery of ordered play packs on Spotify,
    • offer high quality Spotify plays from real listeners, guaranteeing that your account will not be banned,
    • fast order processing and delivery of Spotify play packs (just send a link to your song on Spotify),
    • offer followers priced from $6.90 to $134.90, as well as Spotify plays priced at $59.90 for 10k, $179.90 for 25k and $279.90 for 50k.
  2. Social Packages (
    • Social Packages is one of the most popular websites offering paid Spotify streams and plays,
    • they offer their customers 24/7 support,
    • they have secured SSL gateways on the website so you can securely pay for your ordered packages of streams or plays on Spotify,
    • help you promote your music on Spotify with plays coming from real accounts,
    • guarantee fast delivery and 100% retention.
  3. Viralyft (
    • Viralyft is a popular website that both sells plays, streams, views and followers and promotes music on streaming platforms,
    • guarantee high-quality plays packages on Spotify, fast delivery and 100% retention,
    • offer their customers 24/7 support,
    • besides Spotify, they also work with many other streaming platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud,
    • they have secured SSL gateways on their site so you can securely pay for your ordered packages of streams or plays on Spotify,
    • they offer stream sales from 1000 to 100k and follower sales at $9.99 for 100 units, $39.99 for 1000 units, $89.99 for 2000 units and $149.99 for 5000 units.
  4. SidesMedia (
    • SidesMedia is an online promotion site for streaming platforms and social media,
    • offer their clients fast delivery and 24/7 support,
    • they guarantee real followers and streams on Spotify,
    • they also guarantee high quality Spotify play packs and 100% retention,
    • prices for their services are: $10 for 1000 plays, $18 for 1500 plays, $25 for 2500 plays, $45 for 5000 plays, $79 for 10,000 plays, $150 for 15,000 plays, $250 for 25,000 plays, and $499 for 50,000 plays.
  5. (
    • is a website that promotes digital music and sells plays on Spotify,
    • they guarantee real listeners and fast delivery,
    • they work with multiple streaming platforms (e.g. Twitch) and social media,
    • have competitive pricing ($3 to $77 for 100 to 20k followers and $6 to $530 for 1k to 100k plays on Spotify),
    • they offer their customers 24/7 support and a secure payment system through secured SSL gateways.
  6. Venium (
    • Venium is an online platform for selling plays and followers on Spotify from both the US and Europe,
    • offer music promotion and chart positioning tools,
    • guarantee confidentiality and security,
    • guarantee high quality Spotify plays and 100% retention,
    • they offer fast delivery and so called Live Tracking where you can check the results of your order,
    • they are reasonably priced, you can buy 1000 followers for $4.49 and 1000 plays on Spotify for $4.99 (you can order up to 50,000 plays).
  7. Social-Viral (
    • Social-Viral is a website selling plays on Spotify, with a good reputation, including among celebrities and popular influencers, and a sizable customer base,
    • offer high quality streams, plays and followers,
    • they guarantee fast delivery of packages in the price range of $4.99-269,
    • their prices for Spotify plays are as follows: $5.99 for 1,000 plays; $11.99 for 2,000 plays; $15.99 for 3,000 plays; $27.99 for 5,000 plays; $39.99 for 7,000 plays; $51.99 for 10,000 plays; $99.99 for 20,000 plays; and $139.99 for 50,000 plays. For $1.49 you can get 50 followers, and for $2.97 you can get 100 followers, for $4.99 you can get 250 followers, for $13.99 you can get 1,000 followers, for $29.99 you can get 2,500 followers, and for $39.99 you can get 5,000 followers.
  8. Famups (
    • Famups is a reliable website that will significantly increase the number of plays of your songs on Spotify in just 24 hours,
    • in addition to plays, they also offer followers and YouTube views, as well as social media promotion of your music,
    • offer professional and fast customer service,
    • they offer packages that range from 1000 Spotify plays for $6 and from 100 to 50k followers for $3-140,
    • take a maximum of 3 days to complete your order,
    • they guarantee real listeners and high quality plays to avoid getting your Spotify account banned.
  9. PlaysWiz (
    • PlaysWiz is a website that sells streams and plays on Spotify,
    • offer music promotion on streaming platforms and social media,
    • guarantee fast delivery, high quality plays and real followers,
    • offer marketing products and a return policy,
    • offer professional support to their customers.
  10. YTPals (
    • YTPals is an online company selling Spotify plays subject to royalties,
    • they guarantee security and control over the delivery process (which takes between 24 and 72 hours),
    • they offer followers and streams in addition to plays on Spotify,
    • have a refund policy,
    • they offer packages at affordable prices: 1,000 units for $45, 2,000 units for $80, 5,000 units for $150, 10,000 units for $275, 20,000 units for $500, and 50,000 units for $900.
  11. SpotiFLY (
    • SpotiFLY is a website dedicated to online sales of streams and plays on Spotify and not only,
    • offer music promotion on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, also IGTV) and streaming platforms (e.g. SoudCloud),
    • guarantee fast and safe delivery of their packages,
    • they offer their customers professional help,
    • have many interesting solutions which will help you to significantly increase the interest of your listeners in your works in a short period of time.
  12. Views Expert (
    • Views Expert is a website through which you can buy plays on Spotify, as well as take advantage of many interesting services, such as social media promotion, influencer collaboration or selling streams and real listeners,
    • deliver orders within 24 hours,
    • guarantee high quality followers and plays packages to boost your position in Spotify rankings and charts,
    • have partnerships with multiple streaming platforms,
    • have competitive pricing,
    • invite other listeners to listen to your music,
    • offer their customers 24/7 support,
    • you can purchase from 1,000 to several hundred thousand Spotify streams or plays (just choose a package and click "checkout").
  13. Spotistar (
    • Spotistar is a website that promotes music and sells streams, followers, and Spotify plays,
    • boasts very good customer service,
    • they offer high quality plays and offer a retention guarantee,
    • their packages are reasonably priced,
    • besides Spotify, they also work with many other platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube and Instagram.
  14. StreamKO (
    • StreamKO is an online company powered by Streampot that promotes music and videos on streaming platforms,
    • offer targeted Spotify plays (1k to 2 million), subject to royalties, as well as followers (100 to 5k) and streams,
    • have competitive pricing, with followers starting at $38.50 and plays starting at $3.99, with premium plays starting at $9,
    • offer a guarantee of high quality and retention,
    • offer fast delivery and professional customer service.
  15. Followersup (
    • Followersup is a website that offers paid plays on Spotify, as well as streams, views and followers,
    • they don't offer a fixed number of listeners or plays, but a scale so you can choose the time, place and size of your delivery yourself,
    • they offer: single plays, monthly listeners, playlist plays, regular followers and playlist followers,
    • they offer a Lifetime guarantee,
    • in addition to Spotify they work with many other online platforms such as: SoundCloud, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram,
    • offer real listeners and plays coming from real accounts, have affordable prices: $3 for 100 followers, $9 for 500 followers, $49 for 5,000 followers, $89 for 10,000 followers; $9 for 1,000 plays, $39 for 5,000 plays, $69 for 10,000 plays, $119 for 20,000 plays.
  16. Rapid Rise (
    • Rapid Rise is one of the newer online companies that sell streams, targeted followers and plays on Spotify,
    • they offer 2k to 200k followers for $9.99-2,599.99; 5k to 150k album plays for $29.99-899.99; 2k to 500k song plays on Spotify for $12.99-2,499.99,
    • simple ordering by providing a link to your album, song or profile on Spotify,
    • they guarantee security and fast delivery (3-4 days),
    • professional customer service.
  17. Social Fans Geek (
    • Social Fans Geek one of the most popular websites to get followers, streams and plays on Spotify,
    • offer 24/7 professional customer service,
    • they work with many online platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube where they will promote your music,
    • guarantee a secure payment system through a secured SSL gateway,
    • provide high quality plays and a retention and payout guarantee,
    • offer affordable packages,
    • take care of advertising campaign and music promotion in social media.
If you want to make a name for yourself on the streaming platform Spotify, gain a wide audience and fan base, as well as stand out from other artists, you should first and foremost focus on regularly adding high-quality content, which will help you gain a loyal audience who will be willing to share your work with others. However, persistence and hard work may not be enough to stand out among millions of competitors, so you should think about other aspects to help you grow your brand on Spotify.

Here are some valuable tips for building your brand and a good reputation on the Spotify streaming platform:
  1. If you want to increase the number of plays of your songs on Spotify and make a name for yourself in the music market, it is worth using services such as "Curator Playlists" and "Spotify For Artists".
  2. It's also a good idea to support other artists and use music blogs to help promote your work posted on Spotify.
  3. Create your own playlists that you can pin to the homepage of your Spotify account.
  4. Distribute and promote your art on social media.
  5. When you buy Spotify plays, also buy followers to increase the legitimacy of your Spotify account.
  6. Use trusted websites that both sell Spotify plays from real listeners around the world (geotargeting) and sell followers, likes, views, subscribers, and promote and digitally distribute your music.
  7. Think about what kind of music you want to make and for whom, find your niche and attract listeners' attention with excellent quality, which can be achieved with professional software and online companies (e.g.Vydia, iGroove, FUGA, Redeye, EMS, Ampsuite or Label Engine).
  8. Network with a digital service provider (such as CD Baby, LANDR, Music Info, RouteNote, Distrokid, Ditto Music, ReverbNation, OneRPM, SiriusXM or Fresh Tunes) that handles online music distribution, royalties, labels, promotion, licensing, and offers services to help you technically improve your music.
  9. Once you've created an account on Spotify and uploaded your music, use Spotify's main "Promotion for Artist" and "Claim your profile" pages to create a special artist profile, which is different from the profile of a Spotify user who is only a content consumer.
  10. Promote your music through boosted posts, events and Facebook ads, as well as try to make your music available on online platforms such as TIDAL, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes or Pandora through which listeners can purchase your tracks.
Buying plays on Spotify helps artists create a positive image and build a good reputation, as well as increase traffic to your Spotify account by increasing the number of listeners, which Spotify's algorithm takes as an indicator of a song's popularity and places it high in search rankings.
With additional plays and followers coming from real accounts, you increase your chances of both reaching your target audience and gaining new listeners, as well as having the Spotify platform recognize your hard and systematic work by placing your songs on the most popular pages among users.
Why else should you buy plays on Spotify?
  1. With paid plays, your songs appear on Spotify's top playlists.
  2. Spotify's algorithm catches good quality plays with high retention, so your song climbs the ladder of top playlists as well as Discover Weekly.
  3. Even if your content is high quality, it's hard to break out among Spotify's millions of users, while paid plays, views, likes. as well as followers and subscribers get your creation noticed and distributed to a wide range of potential fans.
  4. Professional online businesses offer proper targeting as well as a high retention rate, which means that users will play your songs in their entirety - from intro to outro.
  5. To lend credibility to your brand, you can purchase from a few hundred to a few thousand, or even millions, of Spotify streams.
  6. The main reason for Spotify to qualify you as a top artist and place your work high in the rankings and playlists is the monthly number of users listening to your songs, so it's a good idea, in addition to organically gaining listeners, to buy a ready-made package of plays and followers online through a verified website.
  7. Spotify logo - songs uploaded to Spotify cannot be previously released and should be provided by an online music distributor or record label.
  8. Assistance in establishing a relationship with a suitable digital service provider (DSP) who will be responsible for both the distribution of your music and for payment, royalty collection, licensing and promotion.
  9. Guarantee of a secure payment system, through an encrypted payment gateway.
    Buying plays on Spotify is as legal as possible and widely used by both up-and-coming artists and those who have already gained fame, popularity, fans and notoriety.
    However, be aware that on the Internet you can find a lot of companies that offer poor quality service, offer to generate traffic to your account through bots or fake users and plays from illegal accounts, which can lead to your account being banned.
    As you can see, buying Spotify plays can bring a lot of benefits and help you develop your career, whether you want to find your niche and reach it, gain popularity and fame, or reap financial benefits from your services.

    We hope that the above text has cleared up any doubts you may have about buying plays on Spotify, but if you still have any doubts or questions, feel free to write to us and we'll do our best to answer them and help you make a decision that can put your career on a new track.
    1. How do I purchase Spotify plays?

      There are many ways to purchase legal plays on Spotify, you can choose from four methods:
      • UseViral,
      • Spotify ads,
      • Influencer marketing,
      • Ad Networks.
    2. Where can I buy Spotify plays?

      There are many companies online that offer to sell both Spotify plays and real listeners, such as:
      • StreamDigic,
      • Social Packages,
      • Media Mister,
      • Viralyft,
      • SidesMedia.
    3. Is it legal to buy Spotify plays?

      Yes, it is perfectly legal to buy Spotify plays, but you have to be careful and choose an online company that offers plays from legitimate sources, as Spotify's algorithm will detect artificial traffic caused by automated machines, the so-called bots, which may lead to the blocking of your account on this platform.
    4. Is it worth buying Spotify plays?

      If you want to increase your credibility as an artist in a short period of time and expose your work so that it reaches a wide audience, it is worth investing in paid Spotify plays, as well as streams and listeners from real accounts, in addition to gaining listeners organically.
    5. How do I get more plays on Spotify?

      There are many ways to get more plays on Spotify, such as:
      • creating, adding and sharing quality content,
      • collaborating with influencers, bloggers or youtubers,
      • promoting your work on social media,
      • working with digital music distributors,
      • finding a trusted online company to legally sell Spotify followers, streams and plays.
    6. Can I buy targeted Spotify plays?

      Yes, many websites that sell Spotify plays have targeted plays, which means you can choose listeners and plays from a particular country or countries.
    7. How long do I have to wait for the results after buying plays on Spotify?

      It usually takes between 24 hours and a few days for your order to be processed, depending on the size and type of your Spotify plays package.The plays will be added gradually, every day, so as not to get your account banned.
    8. How to find a reliable company selling Spotify plays?

      There is a wide range of sites on the internet that sell Spotify plays. It is important that before buying, you carefully check the reputation of the company and look for real reviews and testimonials, with the reviewer's personal details and photo, posted on the website; also check whether the company has proper security on its website (HTTPS Secure); whether it has a secure payment system for its services, i.e. Spotify player packages, and whether it has a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Return and Refund Policy and FAQ posted on the website.
    9. How much do Spotify plays cost?

      Prices for plays on Spotify range from a few to several hundred or even several thousand dollars, depending on the type and size of the package.
    10. How long does it take for delivery of plays on Spotify?

      Delivery time depends on the size and type of order, and usually takes between 12 hours and several days.
    11. Why can't I see all purchased plays under my song on Spotify right away?

      A professional company that sells and delivers plays on Spotify usually handles the order gradually, adding a certain number of plays of a song each day, so that a sudden increase in plays does not raise suspicion and the plays are not banned and the account blocked by Spotify staff.
    12. What is the Spotify algorithm?

      The Spotify algorithm is designed to control the credibility of accounts posted on the Spotify platform, to check the quality of the source of plays and to catch artificial traffic to the account caused by so-called bots. If the algorithm finds violations of the rules, it can remove listeners, streams and plays that come from illegal sources, as well as block or even delete the account whose user breaks the rules of the Spotify platform.
    13. How can I pay for plays on Spotify?

      Professional online companies selling plays on Spotify provide a secure payment system through secured gateways. You can pay for the packages you order using your debit or credit card, as well as your PayPal account or Bitcoin currency. All you have to do is select the appropriate package from the website of your choice, after which you enter the URL of your song and make the payment for the given service.
    14. What are the pros and cons of buying Spotify plays?

      • increasing traffic to your account,
      • gaining credibility and new listeners from around the world,
      • strengthening your position in Spotify rankings and higher royalty rates.
      • there is no guarantee of long-term results after a one-time purchase,
      • plays can come from illegal sources, which can result in Spotify account deletion,
      • plays alone are not enough to build a positive reputation as an artist, you also need to purchase listeners, and most importantly focus on quality content to get listeners interested in your work and stay with you for the long term.
    15. Why should you buy inexpensive plays on Spotify?

      You don't need to buy expensive plays on Spotify to improve your position in the charts, as the most important thing is the quality and frequency of plays and the total number of plays, and many trusted online companies offer both plays and streams and followers at very affordable prices, as well as give you a guarantee of quality, retention, safety and increase in popularity of your art.