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What is your choice when buying YouTube views?
If you are thinking about buying YouTube views, it is worth knowing all the possibilities you can choose from. You can buy literally anything - views and likes for Facebook, Instagram, Spotify or TikTok and of course you can buy YouTube views.
The ideal option is a combination of organic and YouTube Ads views, however, companies that focus on fast growth and popularity often choose buying views outright.
How to increase the number of page views on YouTube?
Organic YouTube Views
Organic YouTube views do not require any financial investment - their effectiveness depends on commitment and time spent on obtaining the views. Well rated, popular videos get a lot of page views, but it should be remembered that it is easier to achieve popularity on YouTube than the top spot on Google. Organic YouTube views is the easiest way to obtain new views from real users of the service, but it requires skill and experience and is associated with the risk that the keywords used will not increase traffic on the site.
YouTube Ads
Buying ads on YouTube is the most recommended way to increase the number of page views. Popular campaigns created on the site generate millions of page views, which they owe to buying ads on YouTube. In addition to increasing the number of page views, YouTube Ads is also a way to scale Video Marketing Campaign. How much does YouTube Ads cost? The average cost is 12-25 cents for each page view.
Buying YouTube Views
Buying page views is still quite a controversial step, but many YouTubers actually choose this path. A well-thought-out marketing plan may involve buying page views without possible negative consequences for the channel. Thanks to this, the users of the service will be more willing to start playing a video automatically increasing its number of page views and popularity. The audience rate and the number of views also influence the rankings and positioning of the film. Apart from the page views themselves, users can also buy subscribers, likes and comments.
Real Views Or Bots? What views are you buying?
It all depends on what we expect and where we intend to buy YouTube views. The views you buy may come from so-called click farms, from real users or from popular websites on which the video will be embedded.

Not all YouTube views are the same, so it is worthwhile to use only those sites that have been tested and recommended on the web. YouTube users have many options that can be adjusted to the specifics of the channel and individual expectations - from buying page views from different countries to high retention YouTube views that guarantee that a given video will be displayed for several minutes.
YouTube - what can you buy?
In fact, users can buy virtually anything from various types of page views to new subscribers and additional comments under a video. This applies to both YouTube and other services: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Soundcloud.
How can we increase the number of views on YouTube for free?
The best way to maximise organic coverage is to get as many free YouTube subscribers as possible. The number of subscribers is not just vanity - exceeding the required number of subscribers is also a chance to start earning money on YouTube. In order to become a partner of the service and obtain for various functions of channel monetization, it is necessary to obtain a certain number of subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the higher you rise on benefit level. The magic number is 1000 - at least as many people have to subscribe to the channel in order for the owner to receive advertising revenue.
Even if the channel does not serve directly to gain popularity, subscribers should still be the main target. About 70% of daily views on YouTube are generated by the service's algorithms, which take into account the number of subscribers, likes and ratings. What does this mean in practice? The ability to reach new users increases with the number of active subscribers and their activity on a given channel.
Buying YouTube views may pose a threat to the popularity of the channel. Why? Buying YouTube views alone is not expensive - it costs several dollars per thousand views. Purchased page views from click farms are uninvolved bots that do not affect viewership rates. In fact, buying these types of page views can lead to the detection of a breach of policy and ultimately to the removal of the video. Buying YouTube views also means losing the confidence of real subscribers and brands that could potentially be interested in cooperating.
10 tips for organically attracting subscribers
  1. Asking to subscribe

    The first step is to ask to subscribe to the channel, for example in the video description or in the video itself. Sometimes such a reminder is the easiest way to get new, committed subscribers who will influence the channel's audience and increase its reach. When asking for a subscription, remember to indicate why this should be done.
  2. Ending YouTube's videos by mentioning the next one

    Subscribing to a channel is an expectation. If you're doing a good job, viewers want to see more, so remembering the next movie and what it is about can effectively encourage you to subscribe. This is an organic method of increasing the number of views on YouTube, but requires a strict timetable for publishing the content.
  3. Interacting with YouTube's audience

    The key to success - the large number of views on YouTube - is to establish a lasting relationship with viewers. Involved subscribers are keen to watch the videos posted on the channel and give their comments. It is worth following the channels of your subscribers and commenting on their videos, promoting each other we create a community of peers, which will not only generate range, but also provide inspiration for further creativity. Partner with other channel is an effective method of attracting subscribers and increasing the number of page views on YouTube. Cooperation with other creators should be based on mutual recommendation of channels.
  4. Updating YouTube's channel art

    The first thing that greets the audience on the channel is its banner. Everyone, even a random YouTube user is a potential subscriber, so the graphics should be neat and optimised for all devices. While creating the appearance of the channel it is worth to use ready-made templates, which can be an inspiration to create your own design.

    The matter of thumbnails is similar. A still image serving as a cover for a shared video is a great chance to convince to play the video. A consistent image of the channel is a sign that you are serious about making videos and know what your brand should look like. First of all, take care of the common font, colour palette and even the composition of the frames, which can later be associated with this particular channel making it clickable.
  5. Embed YouTube's videos on other sites

    You should also share your videos on YouTube on other sites, for example on your website or blog. It is important to present the videos in places where potential subscribers can find them. Embedding videos on other sites increases clickability and helps site's search rankings with the Google algorithm.

    Introducing audiences from other social media channels also means comprehensive cross-promoting. In addition to encouraging checking the channel on YouTube and linking to videos on other sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), you can also cross-promote content by making it available on other channels.
  6. Using Youtube's clickable tools

    YouTube offers its users many tools that can be used to attract viewers' attention and convince them to subscribe to the channel. A subscription request can be placed on the final screen before moving viewers to the next video. Another solution is an extra subscribe button - branding watermarks - floating over the watched video.
  7. Making a consistent schedule

    A consistent timetable is the basis without which the popular YouTube channel is very difficult to run. The start of a presence on the site is usually one video per week, but as the channel develops, it is worth thinking about sharing content more often, for example 3-4 times a week.

    The number of films should not affect their quality - changing the YouTube viewer into an engaged subscriber is a whole process that requires a lot of work and consistency. Regularly sharing coherent films is a sign that the channel is taking care of its viewers, who are beginning to trust it. To manage content scheduling more easily, you can use one of the social media management platforms.
  8. Running a contest

    The announcement of the competition is a chance to get a short-term commitment from the audience. The key is to recognize the audience and choose a prize that could encourage them to cooperate. The aim of the competition is to increase the number of active subscribers, therefore it is necessary to ask for a subscription that will allow to take part in the competition.

    Audience will certainly appreciate the videos celebrating subscriber milesstones. The round number of subscribers should be celebrated with a special video, which will be a form of thanks to the YouTube channel's viewers.
  9. Researching keywords

    Keywords related to the topic of the channel and the film itself work on many levels. Properly selected ones help to gain YouTube views and strengthen the position in the search engine. The keywords used in the title of the video or those related to the topic of the channel are also an excellent indication of what content other users are looking for. Such inspiration may result in the creation of a film that draws attention to the audience and meets their expectations.
  10. Creating valuable content

    Content uploaded to YouTube channel should be adapted to SEO principles so as to attract viewers' attention and continue to increase viewing rates. It is assumed that as much as 80% of the channel's content should be SEO-compliant films - the remaining 20% are special films that will add value. The best solution is to create slightly less popular content that will go beyond functionality and search patterns and encourage subscribing to the channel. These types of films are an opportunity to create something original and creative.

    According to the 80/20 rule, the channel should include both popular and topical films, as well as thematic films related to a specific season, for example. Topical content must be viewed in a short period of time, which means that viewers will not want to miss it and will subscribe to the YouTube channel.
Buying YouTube Views - Best Providers
If, despite the potential risks, you decide to buy YouTube views, you should think carefully about choosing a service provider. The right provider is not only a good price, but above all the highest quality views, which will increase the clickability and reach of your channel on YouTube.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a provider of YouTube views? It is worth checking all the data that could affect the quality of page views, i.e. price, personalisation options, viewer geolocation, delivery speed, traffic sources, viewer retention rates or their organic involvement.
Why Should You Buy YouTube Views?
Buying YouTube views is just one of the methods of getting page views and increasing the audience size of a channel. Although in practice, organic views acquisition is more beneficial because in the long term, buying YouTube views is distinguished by the speed and ease of increasing the number of page views. What is more, buying page views is often included in the marketing strategy of well-known companies and agencies as one of the methods for achieving success.
How do low and high quality YouTube views differ?
Every user can buy thousands or even millions of views for their video. You can find companies, platforms and individual sellers of YouTube views online. There are many ways to deliver views: from creative marketing, video placements and social media marketing to bots and click-farms. The price of YouTube views depends on the method they are obtained. Organic page views cost about ten dollars per thousand page views, fake bots and click-farms page views cost from one dollar per thousand page views.

Buying YouTube views involves a certain risk - a sudden increase in the number of page views can be interpreted as a violation of the rules of the service. In addition, some types of page views may do more harm than help the development of the channel. A cheap service provider is tempted by attractive prices, which unfortunately do not go hand in hand with the effectiveness of page views purchase. The cheapest page views are due to bots and click-farms - the involvement of viewers is negligible, and page views come from unpopular locations such as third world countries. If YouTube detects that the page views are false, they will be deleted. On the other hand, undetected poor quality page views have a low retention rate, i.e. the retention of viewers who only watch about 5-10% of the wholevideo. In this case, the film falls in the search results, does not appear in the suggested films, sometimes it is removed from the search list.

High quality YouTube views are the complete opposite of low quality views. Properly selected page views can effectively support the development of the channel by increasing the average retention of viewers, and thus the likes, subscriptions and comments from verifiable sources. Thanks to this, the film has a larger range and occupies a higher position in search engines. The advantage of high quality YouTube views is also the difficulty of determining whether the views are bought or real. A professional provider makes sure that the page views appear regularly, but in a natural way simulating the activity of real viewers.
Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views
Buying YouTube views has advantages and disadvantages that are worth knowing before making a choice about buying views. Apart from the possibility of developing the channel and increasing its range, buying page views can be disastrous and only harm us. What should you know before buying YouTube views?
Why should you buy YouTube views?
Buying YouTube views is a way to gain an advantage. The beginnings are difficult, and several thousand page views can make an impression by keeping the channel higher in the search engine and leaving the competition far behind. A large number of organic page views is also an opportunity to increase the popularity of a film or channel that will become attractive to potential viewers and gain their trust. Social proof is key to building brand success - the channel's reputation makes viewers more likely to watch the videos and interact with them. Buying views also means more effective marketing, which allows for effective promotion of the film in various services. Campaigns conducted on Facebook or Twitter will be more effective when they concern popular, willingly watched content.
A large number of page views means better search rankings. Improved positions in YouTube search results and in the Google browser directly translate into an influx of viewers and organic page views on YouTube. A good position in the search engine is also a sign for the service's algorithm that a video should appear in YouTube suggestions - on the sidebar and at the end of videos with similar themes.
An additional advantage is the possibility of monetising a popular channel. If the videos posted are to be a way to earn money, it is necessary to obtain a certain number of page views and subscribers. Increasing popularity is a chance to earn money on all possible levels: from partner ads to selling products on your own website. Finally, buying YouTube views is also an option for people who dream of simply achieving success on the Internet. More page views ensure higher ranking and better position in search engines - no channel will be successful without a sufficient number of page views and subscribers.
Why you shouldn't buy YouTube views?
The basic problem with buying page views is the ethical aspect of such a solution. Buying YouTube views is still considered to be quite a controversial way to increase the channel's popularity. Regardless of the type of page views, the ease of obtaining them and the fact that success has not been achieved make buying views unethical.

Buying YouTube views are usually untargeted views that are not in any way related to the video being viewed. Some providers offer views from specific locations, but the lack of organic interest in the videos reduces the chances of subscriptions and channel activity. Purchased views often look unnatural - a sudden increase in the number of views or the views themselves without any other interaction (likes, dislikes, subscriptions and comments) can arouse suspicion among viewers and reduce confidence in the whole channel.
Buying YouTube Views Guide
Buying YouTube views is a domain of both beginner artists and popular channels that want to strengthen their position on the web. The multitude and diversity of content made available makes it difficult to stand out and achieve the expected popularity, and buying page views can effectively increase the channel's appeal to viewers.

Buying YouTube views is an opportunity to compete with other creators. Thanks to a larger number of page views, it is possible to gain the confidence of the audience and organic movement on the channel, and thus boost social media account. Generate social proof is the basis for interaction with viewers - "bandwagon effect" is simply a phenomenon consisting of human action based on assumptions based on the action of other people. In the case of YouTube, users pay special attention to the number of page views, it is the audience that decides whether a film is worth attention. YouTube views are a social signal, an indication of how valuable the content is.

Apart from buying views, it is also worth investing in organic views, which instead of money require a lot of time and daily commitment. The YouTube algorithm is an opportunity to maximise the number of page views - the search engine and recommended videos display the most important content for a given query, i.e. the content that is consistent with the user's query and at the same time effectively engages viewers. The algorithm takes into account not only film retention, but also previous likes and comments.
The optimal option is to obtain the effect of a snowball, when increased clickability leads to further recommendation of the video and continuous increase of its popularity on the site.
Moving up the ranking also means more frequent recommendations of other content made available on the channel and invaluable help in developing the subscriber base. Why are subscriptions so important? A stable pool of viewers is a guarantee of constant movement on the channel and frequent sharing of the material, which in turn means a rapid increase in viewership. A loyal organic subscriber base is the goal of every creator.
Channel monetization - how to do it?
Apart from the popularity and the resulting reputation, YouTube buying views give you the opportunity to monetise your channel. A popular channel can become a way to create a stream of real income - from advertising or sales. The most popular option is Google's AdSense program for earning money from online content. The creator receives money for each click or broadcast of an advertisement matching the film and its viewers, but before this happens, channel must meet certain conditions.According to the requirements of YouTube, which has set the minimum audience and number of views, monetization of the channel is possible when it reaches the threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months.

Payments to publishers are calculated in two ways: as cost per mille/thousand (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). CPM is the amount that can be earned for every thousand advertisement impressions. CPC ads are simply ads that require action, i.e. most often clicks to skip or finish displaying an advertisement. Earnings from ads on YouTube are on average $2-5 for every thousand views.

If you want to monetize your channel, you should focus on the metadata of YouTube videos. Metadata contributes to the discovery of content by users and influences the popularity of individual videos. The relevant keywords should be found in the title, description and tags of the video - lack of precise information is a risk that YouTube will pair the video with advertisers not suitable for the given audience. Optimising the metadata is primarily about identifying key words, i.e. words or phrases typed by users into the search engine field. By examining the keywords, it is possible to check whether the words used are consistent with those used by viewers to discover the content.

In order to optimise the metadata of the video, it is necessary to include the most important keywords reflecting the content of the film in its title, two or three keywords in the description of the video and the most important keywords in the form of tags.
Low quality views - views that can be removed from YouTube
The audit is a process regularly carried out by YouTube. During the audit, fake subscribers accounts and fake views that violate the rules of the service are removed. Removal of page views from YouTube concerns not only beginners, little known creators, but also big players with an established position on the market. The threat of removing purchased page views only emphasises the importance of a reliable service provider - an appropriate provider significantly minimises the risk of suffering the consequences associated with purchasing page views on YouTube.
Is it Legal to Buy YouTube Views?
Buying YouTube views is not prohibited by law, but the terms and conditions of the website prohibit buying page views from external providers. Creators can purchase views through paid ads - promotions and sponsored content on YouTube. Buying real views does not mean any problems with the law, but it can threaten the reputation of the channel and ultimately end up with disciplinary action taken by the service itself.
Things to be Aware of Before Buying YouTube Views
Buying YouTube views requires discretion, which will ensure the security of the channel and maintain the confidence of existing subscribers. Although external providers offer not only low-cost click-farms views but also high quality high retention views, the detection of purchased views by YouTube may mean a corresponding reduction in the number of page views.

YouTube classifies page views according to user location and audience involvement. Accordingly, purchased views should come from a location close to that of the channel's creator - unusual and remote locations may be considered suspicious. Apart from the number of page views, YouTube also takes into account the time of watching the video and the time of stopping the viewer, which indicate how attractive the content is. Film retention is expressed as a percentage of viewed video: high retention is at least 80%, mixed retention is usually 30-60%, and low retention is 15%.

YouTube is distinguished by another, additional retention rate. Organic retention is difficult to determine and at the same time difficult to manipulate, so as an indicator of audience involvement it is much more important than the others. For this reason, the best choice is to buy high retention YouTube views and organic views - the only way to gain a position on YouTube SERP.

It is worth remembering that buying YouTube views should be supplemented with other social signals. The YouTube algorithm checks not only the appearing views, but also the accompanying signals, which confirm the authenticity of the views. Apart from page views, you should also take care of comments, subscriptions and video liking. Balanced interactions confirm the authenticity of the page views and thus make it impossible to distinguish between purchased page views and organic users.
The Right Way of Buying YouTube Views
The basic principle is buying YouTube views only from legitimate advertisers. Hundreds of companies selling page views can be found on the web, but in fact these people do not want to watch the video they have made available, and the page views themselves are of little value. When choosing a supplier, it is also important to pay attention to the way in which the page views are delivered and the source of their origin - every aspect is crucial to the success of this venture.

The small involvement of viewers and the short viewing time can be seen as a signal that the page views are not from real users. Hundreds of thousands of views combined with a small number of interactions can shake the confidence of viewers, so when deciding to purchase YouTube views, every detail must be taken care of. Apart from buying views, it is also necessary to buy comments, subscriptions or likes.
Illegitimate advertisers
Illegal advertisers are essentially all external providers offering to sell page views. YouTube boosts can be done in many ways, but not all of them comply with the site's rules and regulations - automated processes and attempts to deceive viewers risk the consequences of YouTube.
The use of such methods is not in line with YouTube rules and may have serious consequences for the channel. In case of detection, the service may delete illegal views, delete the video or block the user account.
Legitimate advertisers
Legitimate advertisers are all advertisers who work with YouTube. Safe purchase of page views can be made by establishing cooperation with service partners - thanks to paid promotional content and sponsored advertisements.

YouTube expects the channel to purchase legal impressions. Each page view shows actual interest in the published content, and the reactions and actions of viewers determine the popularity and clickability of the channel. The increase in coverage due to cooperation with partners is considered important and profitable. A creator who has an appropriate budget for purchasing page views should focus on real advertising platforms increasing channel popularity via Google and Facebook.

  1. Buying YouTube views through Google

    The most effective way to buy page views is to buy YouTube views from YouTube and Google. The creator registers an account with Google AdWords and runs pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. The platform allows to create a campaign targeted at a specific audience.
    In-stream ads
    This is the most popular type of advertising used on YouTube - pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls can be negligible or not. Thanks to this, viewers have the opportunity to see a full advertisement with the usual length of 15-20 seconds or skip the spot after at least five seconds of its duration. Non-skippable ads are characterised by higher viewer engagement, but at the same time higher drop-out rates.

    The aim of cooperation with the partner and the use of in-stream ads is primarily to increase the number of YouTube page views and channel subscribers, increase social brand awareness and determine which type of ads works best on the channel. Video content is also a way to reach potential customers and increase traffic on the website.
    In-display ads
    In-display ads are less intrusive than in-stream ads, but they can still bring tangible benefits. Such ads are displayed in search lists, as video overlays or in recommendations and related video areas. In the case of in-display ads, it is crucial to know the target group - the type of content sought should be anticipated and the subject matter of the videos published should be adapted to it. In order to optimise videos and improve your advertising strategy, it is worthwhile to carry out a keyword analysis and update the metadata.
  2. Promote YouTube channel on Facebook

    Advertising on Facebook is the second legal way to purchase page views. This service is still the most popular element of social media, and the ads placed on it can effectively increase the popularity of products and services. You can make the promoted post available directly on your Facebook profile or use your own website for this purpose.

    Links to YouTube videos can be posted on any platform: websites, blogs or popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. You can also send a link to a video via e-mail or EDM. It is important not only to place links in large communities, but also in niche forums where you can find people who are actually interested in the content presented on YouTube.
How to Buy YouTube Views?
YouTube is an online service considered to be the largest platform for original and independent online content. The YouTube channel can be created by practically anyone - the key to success is to produce good quality videos that meet the expectations of viewers.

Buying YouTube views applies to new and long-standing users regardless of the quality of the videos they share, both groups use the increase in the number of page views to strengthen their ranking and increase the reach of the video. Buying views is an effective way to cheat the YouTube algorithm and reach a wider audience, but the way to purchase additional views must be carefully considered. Cheaper options offered by external providers, instead of helping, can only do harm, so it is worth choosing only proven companies offering high retention YouTube views that really affect the position of the channel in the rankings and awareness of other users.
Where to buy YouTube views?
YouTube views are purchased from paid partner ads tailored to the channel and target audience - promotion and sponsored content. The views from external providers, i.e. different types of companies, platforms and individual sellers of YouTube views, can take different forms depending on our needs and budget. The best, most beneficial option is high retention views, which perfectly simulate the actual views.

When looking for a reliable supplier, special attention should be paid to its reliability and possible recommendations available, for example, on Internet forums. A conversation with the customer service staff, during which we will get to know the supplier's offer and its operation better, may be helpful. Often it is the price that plays the most important role, but it should not be the main factor of choice - low quality views may pose a threat, so it is worth choosing only high retention YouTube views or organic views generating the best results. It is best to reject bots and click-farms at the start up, and to invest in more expensive and effective versions of additional views that actually affect the range and clickability of the channel.