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YouTube comments are the best way to find out what others think about your videos. Popular videos have thousands of likes and views, but viewers pay most attention to the comments section where they can find out other users' feelings and opinions on the published content. Comments are also a way to build community, share emotions and engagement with a particular video.

Sometimes the commenting option is disabled - this is to prevent negative posts and spam. A popular example is the creator of PewDiePie channel, who in order to prevent untrue and defamatory statements blocked the possibility of commenting, saying goodbye to this option with a video with a meaningful title "Goodbye Comments", which to this day cannot be commented on. This shows that it is possible to function without comments, but it is still worth appreciating the possibilities offered by buying YouTube comments.
Comments are extremely important – they allow you to build a community of active viewers who are the backbone of your YouTube channel.
Sometimes users are not willing to start discussions and share their opinions. In such situations, buying YouTube comments allows you to start a conversation and steer it smoothly to increase engagement of your loyal viewers. YouTube comments are much harder to get organically, which is why many creators choose to generate them. It's much easier to get channel subscriptions and likes on individual YouTube videos than comments themselves, which translate into specific viewer engagement and are valued by the site's algorithm. Leaving a comment requires more effort than clicking the subscribe and like buttons.
Buying YouTube comments is the easiest and most effective way to create social proof, the impression that the channel and its content reach a wide audience that responds positively to posted YouTube videos.
Such an impression boosts the creator's brand and is a promotion of the shared content in the YouTube search engine. It is worth knowing that a large number of comments means a higher engagement level, which affects the visibility of the channel and its ranking positions in search results and recommended videos. Buying YouTube comments is also considered as a method to increase the number of organic comments when new viewers can join the discussion and engage in the conversation generated by a personalized comment, for example. This can encourage more people to engage and speak in the discussion.
In some cases, buying YouTube comments is also a chance to offset the amount of negative comments. Additionally, bought posts increase the credibility of previously bought interactions – YouTube views, YouTube subscribers and YouTube likes.
Buying interactions made at the same time significantly affects their perception and authenticity in the eyes of viewers and the algorithm – a large number of likes or subscriptions without comments can raise suspicions about their credibility.
Companies that offer marketing services for social channels such as YouTube offer many interactions that add credibility to the channel and increase engagement with its viewers. One of the beneficial purchases are YouTube comments, which on their own help create key social proof and when combined with other interactions, for example YouTube likes or YouTube views increase their authenticity. Random comments are generated automatically and the customer has no influence on their content, but decides which page they will be published on. Random comments are a set of universal comments, which work well regardless of the topic of the video, for example, it can be a post with the content: "Keep up the good work" or "Nice video". More specific comments are personalized comments.

An alternative to random comments arecustomised YouTube comments, i.e. personalized posts according to the content provided by the client. These unique comments are slightly more expensive than the basic version, but we have complete control over their content, which helps build the channel's overall appearance.
To order personalized YouTube comments, after selecting the appropriate custom package in the order form, you need to provide the content of individual comments, which will be published exactly in this form under the specified YouTube video.
Most providers guarantee publication of comments within a few hours of purchase – in practice, comments are usually published up to twenty-four hours after payment.
Buying YouTube comments is primarily a marketing activity. It can build a specific brand image, increase the credibility of the channel or create social proof which makes people more likely to click on your videos. A large number of comments also makes the content more attractive in the eyes of other users and confirms that the published video is worth playing.

It cannot be overlooked that buying YouTube comments influences the result of the algorithm, which takes into account the number of YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, YouTube likes and YouTube comments.
The comments section is particularly important because publishing a post requires some effort and engagement from the viewer, confirming the value of the content published on the channel.
Buying YouTube comments does not guarantee success or the expected results, but it gives you the opportunity to develop your channel and increase its credibility in the eyes of other users. Comments should be a part of a carefully considered marketing strategy, which in addition to buying interaction also requires other types of engagement, such as creating valuable content popular in the network or regularly publishing videos. The main goal of the creator should be to achieve high positions in the rankings, where the channel or individual videos will appear when searching for specific keywords. Visibility in search engine, featured videos and similar content helps to gain organic viewer interest.

According to research, over 63% of companies have their own channel on YouTube, using the potential of the service for brand development. The huge number of active users opens up new opportunities to promote and reach potential customers, which is why YouTube's business popularity continues to grow. Approximately 30 millionpeople are active on YouTube each day posting videos, commenting on them and clicking "like", resulting in an average of 1.8 billionmonthly users. These figures clearly indicate that YouTube is a great tool for SEO.
The statistics also show that 400,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube hit the servers every day, demonstrating the need to optimize videos for search engines and the workings of YouTube's algorithm that positions content published on the site.
Buying YouTube comments is one of the best things you can do to grow your channel and create a loyal audience. With a large number of credible interactions, we can increase channel followers and use the power of social proof to attract more attention to videos and creates a conversation around content. In conclusion, buying YouTube comments give channel credibility, help content rank higher and generate buzz on new videos.
YouTube users subscribe to the channels of interesting and popular people who have already gained recognition among other viewers. Subscriptions and likes alone have virtually no value without comments. Discussions significantly increase the attractiveness of the channel and encourage viewers to watch the video.
YouTube comments are very valuable feedback – they are an important ranking factor and at the same time help to improve the functioning of the channel.
As an interaction that requires more engagement than subscribing or liking shared content, comments are more important to the algorithm than other interactions. The number of comments determines how important and interesting the shared content is. The comments section can also be treated as information about the way the channel is received – what should be improved and what to pay special attention to. This is the best and, what's more, free way to optimize the channel and adjust it to the viewers' expectations, and the implemented tips are a sign that the creator appreciates the engagement and opinions of other users.
Comments are more valuable than YouTube views because of the complexity of this interaction.
Buying YouTube comments shows other users that the video was appreciated, which means that it is worth spending time watching it. Properly prepared social proof makes us involuntarily consider the content interesting, because if other people like and subscribe to the channel, it must be worth attention. As a result, the number of comments in time can translate into an increase in the number of active subscribers who will regularly watch and comment on the published content. Of course, the quality of the videos is also important, and they should be in line with current trends and visually appealing.

Buying YouTube comments is a simple way to encourage people to leave their own opinion or to take part in an ongoing discussion which we have already triggered. Videos are only commented on when they stir emotions and are exceptionally attractive to the viewer – buying comments bypasses this problem and encourages participation in the discussion. It is also a good idea for the creator to actively control the comments by showing interest in the viewers' opinions and responding to their feedback.

The comments section unintentionally affects the length of the video playback, which is crucial for positioning. How does it work? Buying YouTube comments we create a database of comments filling this section in a strictly defined way so as to emphasize the brand's assets and indicate its assumptions – viewers who go on to read comments prolong their stay on the page and at the same time prolong the video's playback time.
Buying YouTube comments is a great way to increase your channel's popularity and credibility with your audience. Companies offering to sell comments allow you to choose generic randomized comments or your own comments.
If you want to buy YouTube comments, you just need to find a reliable provider and follow the instructions on the website. You need to select the package you want, i.e. the type of comments you want, the number of comments you want and your YouTube username so the system will know which profile you want the comments on.
Package prices start from just a few dollars. You can pay for the selected package online – most services allow payment by credit card, through PayPal and Bitcoin. Once payment is processed, comments are credited to the designated YouTube account within a few hours.

Some companies may offer a free trial, a free package that gives us a chance to see if the service meets our expectations. If the free trial is not available, the optimal solution is to buy the cheapest package, for example 10 comments, and see what results it brings.

If you have any questions or concerns about buying YouTube comments, you can contact our customer service - in some cases via online chat, in others via email or contact form.
You have full control over your cooperation with the provider – you decide how many comments you want to buy, where they should be placed and how they should look like. The purchased comments can be placed under a specific video – during the ordering process, all you have to do is to indicate the video you want by placing a YouTube video link in the order form.

You can choose random YouTube commentsor customised YouTube comments. What is the difference? Random comments are random posts which increase the number of comments on a video, but may not bring the expected benefits. Customized YouTube comments, on the other hand, are personalized posts that are tailored to your needs – they can focus on specific aspects of your video or brand. Moreover, personalized comments are not much more expensive than standard ones. Regardless of the type of post, comments have a positive tone that is meant to strengthen the channel's standing in the eyes of its viewers. The providers do not publish any potentially harmful content or inappropriate opinions that could in any way violate the terms of service.

Buying YouTube comments the user indicates under which video they are to be placed. Buying one package does not exclude buying another one, therefore, if we want the comments to be distributed among several YouTube videos, it is necessary to buy several packages and indicate the appropriate video each time.
Purchased comments can be deleted over time using YouTube Creator Studio or blocked from further commenting, which means that buying YouTube comments can only be a temporary solution or part of a long-term marketing campaign.
A customer can place multiple orders for the same YouTube video, but it is important to note that it will take more time to publish more comments. The sites also inform that placing consecutive orders for the same video is not recommended if the previous order has not yet been fully completed – this is to prevent possible errors and problems with order fulfillment.

Importantly, a trustworthy company only needs a relevant YouTube video link to deliver the ordered YouTube comments, which you need to provide in the order form. To minimize the risk of making a mistake, most sites will display current statistics (views, likes, comments etc.) and a thumbnail of the video after the link has been entered, so you can be sure that the link is correct and the comments will be placed in the right place.
Buying YouTube comments is a seemingly unfair practice, but it is not prohibited by law. In fact, comments are very important for the development of your channel because they increase its credibility, influence statistics and are taken into account by YouTube's algorithm. Users themselves are more likely to watch videos that have attracted the attention of others, and this interest is expressed through all kinds of interactions – YouTube comments, YouTube views, YouTube subscribers or YouTube likes.

Companies that offer to buy YouTube comments are social media marketing service providers who make every effort to ensure that the offer complies with the terms of service and current YouTube guidelines. This means that the posts do not violate the terms of service in any way, and constant monitoring of any changes prevents any potential non-compliance. Of course, buying bot comments can result in the detection of this type of activity – a sudden influx of nothing contributing comments is a clue that the user may be violating the terms of service. An account may be suspended or even terminated if it is not complying with the terms of use, but such disciplinary measures will not apply if you are using a reliable company that cares about the quality of its services.
It is worth knowing that buying YouTube comments is the domain of both beginner creators and popular influencers.
Managing interactions is part of a marketing strategy to help drive a channel to the top of the YouTube and Google search engine rankings. What's more, proven, reliable companies never expect you to provide any passwords or sensitive data – the provider doesn't need direct access to your account or personal information to post your purchased comments. Buying YouTube comments is anonymous and completely secure.

Companies offering social media marketing services value the satisfaction of their customers and take special care of their privacy. Buying YouTube comments from a trusted provider ensures that no information related to this purchase will be disclosed anywhere.
Buying YouTube comments is not illegal, however it is advisable to choose only proven services recommended by other customers. Companies that provide marketing services for social networking sites do not require any detailed data or passwords, so they guarantee safety and anonymity. This type of information can lead to the hijacking of the account by a bot or even to its deletion, so it is not worth using the services of cheaper, unreliable providers. In many cases, buying YouTube comments is only one element of the company's offer – in order to strengthen the position in the ranking you need to take care of all the interactions that affect the overall user engagement. In addition to comments, you can invest in YouTube likes, YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, etc., which will mutually increase your credibility.

Usually, the services are offered to customers all over the world, so in case of any queries or problems, you can take help of qualified consultants. Customer service specialists and programmers deal with order problems on an ongoing basis and if the order cannot be fulfilled for any reason, the money is refunded.